Daxko Integration Information

YMCA of South Hampton Roads recently launched in early October 2017 with some significant Daxko integrations.

Note that the integrations below were custom built by South Hampton Roads and will be ported back into the Open Y code base at a future date pending resource availability.


What is available today (program integration):

  • Program integration with Daxko 2.0 API pulls session data into the site, styles to match site and allow CMS editors to prefilter to narrowed results using locations, search terms, and category tags.
  • Users are able to use the same filters to broaden or narrow results further, and display results in sets of 9, 27, 54 and 99 (defaults to 9).
  • Information displayed includes the name of program session, session start date, time with a button for more info.
  • User is redirected to Daxko to see full session details and registration (fees, description, registration)


How this changes customer experience:

Rebuilding on the Open Y platform gave South Hampton Roads the opportunity to fix some navigation paths that were causing user frustration/confusion. The biggest piece of feedback they have heard to date, mostly from internal users since they recently launched, is that it’s easy to navigate to the information they’re looking for.

From a user’s perspective, functionality is similar to what South Hampton Roads had before, but with real-time information. Before, they were pulling a custom report and data grab module to update their database weekly (was too time-intensive to update more frequently).

South Hampton Roads is closely watching analytics to see how users react to the new experience and will share this data with the broader Open Y team.


What South Hampton Roads is exploring for Phase 2:

  • How to add full session detail pages within site and redirect to Daxko beyond research behavior to decision behavior
  • How to exclude select programs/sessions from displaying for program sessions they would prefer to keep private (prospecting, invitation-only events, staff training, etc.)


What’s required for this integration to work with Open Y:

  • Credentials for Daxko’s 2.0 API, which is still in pilot mode


Known issues. South Hampton Roads is working on fixes as of October 9, 2017. These may be resolved already:

  • Safari bug that displays session time as four hours earlier than actual
  • Links to program sessions that pull from the child care database aren’t building correctly. South Hampton Roads is researching why and have implemented a manual workaround (they had to do the same on their former site)
  • Selecting filters is clunky (not responding unless clicked in exactly the right spot)
  • Results can sort by relevancy score, name and start date. When content admins left sorting at default settings (score), what they thought would score equally did not display in consecutive order, so they changed their sort logic.