Sandbox Open Y Demo Site Information

Demo Site (Sandbox) Details

To see a demo and tutorial of the Open Y CMS experience visit To receive login credentials, please contact the Open Y team. Once you have logged in, go to the homepage of and click on "Start Guided Tour".

The demo includes:


Important info regarding the demo site (Sandbox)

  • The Open Y Sandbox site does a completely fresh reinstall every 2 hours
    • This is to wipe out any sample content that may have been entered as a test from someone trying out Open Y. For example, if someone was testing a new configuration of the homepage and leaves it blank, the site will revert back to its default state for others to try after 2 hours (or less)


  • During the fresh reinstall, 15-20 minutes may pass before the Sandbox is available again.


  • You may notice some pages loading in a jumpy/flickering manner on the Sandbox demo site.
    • This is due to caching not being enabled on the Sandbox demo server so that any content changes made by anyone testing Open Y will appear on the site immediately.


  • The Sandbox demo server sits on the same machine as the Continuous Integration server we use for developing the Open Y codebase.
    • We have implemented several measures recently, such as memory threshold limiters, etc, to ensure stability on the Continuous Integration server. We will continue to explore ways to make the Sandbox demo site more stable.